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Pavol Lupták is a cryptoanarchist and voluntaryist focused on technology and society hacking. He has started the initiative 'We do not work for the government' (http://www.nepracujemeprestat.sk) grouping of all companies in Slovakia and Czech Republic that have decided not to work for the government and state institutions. He is also a member of the famous Czech contemporary art group Ztohoven (http://www.ztohoven.com) responsible for many anti-government contemporary 'media sculpture' projects. He is a co-founder of Progressbar hackerspace (https://www.progressbar.sk) in Bratislava and Parallel Polis (https://www.paralelnipolis.cz/en/) hackerspaces in Prague where he is responsible for organizing the international cryptoanarchist conference (http://hcpp.cz/), IT security and digital privacy. He is an owner of IT security company Nethemba s.r.o and Nethemba GmbH (https://www.nethemba.com) focused on penetration tests & ethical hacking. He holds many prestigious security certifications. Now he is starting another company Satori s.r.o. (http://satori.sk/) focused on creation of digital contemporary art based on the corporate identity.