You can HODL or you can HELP!

Free coffee for medical staff in Czech hospitals provided by the worldwide #Bitcoin community?

Let’s show the world that #cryptocurrencies can help!

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You can HODL or you can HELP!

This is an extraordinary project we launched in order to support Czech hospitals, responding to the sharply deteriorating situation in connection with the SARS Covid-19 pandemic. The author of this project is the non-profit organization Paralelní Polis, which is currently implementing it as a part of its ‘Decentruck’ initiative.

In the following weeks, by prior agreement with relevant institutions, we will provide quality, professionally prepared coffee free of charge for the medical staff of selected hospitals. The project is fully funded by Paralelní Polis and voluntary contributions from the world crypto community.





In addition to the consistent spread of awareness about cryptocurrencies, digital privacy, and internet freedom, our mission is also to draw attention to the shortcomings associated with the traditional management of the state apparatus and connected processes.

We have therefore decided to demonstrate, in a positive way, the ability of the Bitcoin community to act, with the help of which we are able to offer a helping hand in a matter of hours to those who are dealing with the pandemic crisis the most poignantly day to day – health professionals. We want to show that this help and symbiosis of the healthcare system and the bitcoin community is easily possible without the participation of the state.



The event will take place in the coming weeks and will last until the funds are completely used up, obtained from voluntary contributions and the budget of Paralelní Polis.



Since November 17, we have been taking care of the staff of the Bulovka Hospital, and at the same time communication with other selected hospitals is underway. The timetable will then be published here and on our social networks.



Please direct questions, comments, and suggestions for cooperation to



“Decentruck” of Paralelní Polis is a multifunctional “crypto-liberation” truck. It promotes digital freedom and spreads the concept of decentralization and crypto-anarchy. The black vehicle is a mobile version of Paralelní Polis that shares the values ​​and ideas of this globally unique project and has ambitions to reach all of Europe and even travel around the world. We aim to educate the general public on cyber-security, the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and sustainable development.


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Maker’s fair 2019 (Prague)

Mystic SK8 Cup 2019 (Prague)

Mighty Sounds 2019 (Tábor)

Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2019 (Prague)

Lightning Conference 2019 (Berlin)


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Decentruck at your event

We are getting ready to begin our journey and boost crypto-adoption, promote cybersecurity, and search for sustainable development. Our black multifunctional truck is mainly an educational project; we apply learning through Experience approach. Decentruck’s mobile café serves specialty coffee with snacks solely made from the ingredients from sustainable agriculture and ethical farming with the exceptional quality you cannot find at regular meetups, workshops, and festivals.

Would you like to have Decentruck at your conference, festival, company, or even a farm?

Choose one of our workshops!

  1. Cryptocurrencies: Basic
    – Introduction to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  2. Digital privacy
    – How to protect your communication, your data, and your “move” around the internet
  3. How to setup crypto-company
    – How to have a company accepting cryptocurrencies (accountancy, law, taxes, etc.)
  4. Law of blockchain
    How the Czech law sees the blockchain and cryptocurrencies

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Paralelní Polis is a “state-free” concept with no state participation, support, funds, grants, or subsidies. Our budget consists of 100% of voluntary and membership contributions and donations from our Donors’ Board. We have successfully covered 45% costs of the Decentruck project. But we are still looking and kindly asking for the rest.

To be able to travel across the whole of Europe; Decentruck needs to be further improved and furnished. It’s not just the roof that we need to reconstruct, but we also need scissor tents, tables, chairs, bean bag chairs, a generator, and most importantly, facilities for the crew – beds, kitchen, restroom, and shower. We appreciate any material or financial support.

Check out our new interior design that is already in production.

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