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What’s new in Paralelní Polis?

We have a new member to the team, Terka, who will be taking care of the cafe and merch. Some of you may know her by sight, she has been sewing drapes for us for the last two years.

Bitcoin Coffee now offers great food cooked with the best ingredients from Future Friendly Food under the direction of Kate. The food is a true dining experience. We also have delicious cakes on the permanent menu.

We are currently planning a major refurbishment of the premises, we will be painting, replacing lights and generally modernizing. We look forward to seeing the results! 



We have started organizing meetups again, which will take place once every 14 days. The first meetup of the Let’s talk crypto series is already successfully over and the next one will be held on May 18th on Security and Privacy. The event is free for all those interested in the topics discussed. Individual events can be found on our Facebook page.

Pizza Day Prague 

Our one-day Bitcoin-only international Pizza Day Prague 2022 is behind the corner! Come

Pizza Day aims to return to Bitcoin’s roots and original motivations as a tool for spreading crypto-anarchy; a way to preserve the digital freedom of individuals and groups. Pizza Day is celebration of financial independence and equal relationships without unsolicited third-party oversight. It is a celebration of the emancipation of individuals above the dictates of corporatist systems. Bitcoin is a global phenomenon and in the eight years of its existence, Paralelní Polis has won the sympathy of many leading names in the domestic and global crypto-scene, who regularly talk at its now traditional Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis.

Both Pizza Day Prague stages will be honored by the presence of Bitcoin’s OGs like Amir Taaki, a developer, crypto-anarchist, and father of the BIP process; Sergej Kotliar, CEO and founder of Bitrefill, one of the most popular places for people to spend their Bitcoin; or Joerg Platzer, founder of the legendary Room 77 known for being the first private business to accept Bitcoin back in 2011. 

For Paper Hub members, we offer community tickets at a 40% discount!


The next event for Paper Hub members is a brunch to be held on May 18, 2022 at 11am. You can look forward to delicious food and a nice time on our beautiful terrace.


The next big event is the ETHPrague conference, which will take place on 10-12 June 2022. 

“ETHPrague is not looking for the next get-rich-quick scheme or groundbreaking DeFi application, instead it is an event focused on the future potential of Ethereum and concepts or applications that don’t exist yet. We want to address the challenges that will or may emerge in the next decade, and we believe Ethereum will play a significant role in solving them. The future is in your hands! You will decide whether we end up living in a dark authoritarian dystopia or a vibrant solarpunk utopia.”

If you want to participate as a speaker or as a hacker, you can sign up at:

The event is free for Paper Hub members, but you must register in advance.



We can’t wait for the new merch to arrive! Socks with pizzas and bitcoins, new t-shirts or spring bombers! The mugs with the Bitcoin logo have already arrived and the coffee have never tasted better :))