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Paper Hub is a co-working space where a community of freelancers, small teams or emerging startups can find a place to work. We make sure that they work on their diverse projects in an original and creative atmosphere. We welcome those with liberal views, innovative freelancers and startups that are interested in the themes of digital freedom, show initiative, and have creative ideas. We give you the chance to switch hierarchy and strict rules for total working freedom and the ability to make use of the space and other programs as you like.


What does Paper Hub have to offer and who is it suitable for?

A friendly and relaxed environment

At Paper Hub, we pride ourselves on cultivating good relationships and trust between members, as well as a relaxed atmosphere. We are all friends here, who mutually inspire each other and share our know-how. You can also look forward to enjoying an environment offering total freedom, also reflected in the membership itself, which is a flexible, no lock-in membership that is customized according to your needs. More than just being a place for productive and efficient work, Paper Hub also provides a space that will literally make you feel at home.

Innovation and new technology

As a “permanent resident” of Paralelni Polis, you will be up close and personal with our main themes such as decentralization, internet freedom, and crypto-technology, as well as have interesting contacts at your fingertips thanks to the international Hackers Congress among other things. It all starts with familiarizing yourself with cryptocurrency, which you will use to pay for your membership, and with protecting your privacy in the digital sphere, and who knows… maybe it will end in the development of your own blockchain-based project

Everything you need under one roof

As one of the concepts of Paralelní Polis, Paper Hub benefits from the facilities of a café, a large lecture hall or a fully equipped recording studio. As a “paperhubster”, you get an all-inclusive package of services that you can use at your convenience.

24/7 HUB

Do you have international clients, or do you simply prefer to work at night or in the wee hours of the morning? Would you like unlimited access and a private kitchenette? In our 24/7 Hub, you have your permanent working area, but you don’t spend money on an expensive office and don’t have to deal with deposits and notice periods. Do you want more peace of mind for your work and a locker to store all your necessities – whether that’s twenty binders or two monitors?

Ideal for workaholics and night owls!

Fixed desk – 5700 CZK / month


The main area of Paper Hub is a large air-conditioned open space with 20 hot desks, whose setting and equipment is designed to encourage your creativity as much as possible. The adjacent meeting room is a good place for meetings and workshops. The community part of the co-working space has become our fully equipped kitchen and a shaded terrace overlooking a quiet courtyard.

Paper Hub’s unusual workspace has also been awarded several times, for example, by the Meeting Room of the Year 2015 award or for the best co-working space in Central Europe in 2016. But even more important than the design is your comfort and happiness.

As all concepts of Paralelní Polis, Paper Hub accepts payments only in cryptocurrencies – currently Bitcoin and Litecoin. We offer several types of flexible memberships to suit the needs of our members so that everyone can meet their needs – from 8h per month in a shared office to their own fixed desk with 24/7 access.


12 hours / month

You are often on the run, and you only use the Hub occasionally. One working day per month is enough, you appreciate more the opportunity to stay in touch with the community and to have access to member events free of charge or with a discount.

+ 20% discount in Bitcoin Coffee

Price: 900 CZK

30 hours / month

The working desk at home or in your office suits you quite well, but once a week you like to discover new ideas in a different environment. Or, you need to concentrate on a particular project – a space full of focused people and the constant supply of specialty coffee makes a perfect combination for your productivity!

+ free/discounted entry to PP events

Price: 2100 CZK

60 hours /month

You enjoy working and collaborating with other coworkers in Hub, but you also use it for business meetings. In addition to the possibility of going to a shared office for example twice a week, you also have discounted meeting room rental with access to the terrace.

+ 50% discount on meeting room rental

Price: 2900 CZK

You feel here just like at home – you have your favorite table, your own locker, and the baristas know what kind of coffee you like … You spend here maybe every day and you’re an active member of the community and a regular visitor of the events.

+ locker
+ 20% discount on renting other PP premises
+ 2 hours of meeting room free of charge

Price: 4100 CZK / month


Discounted prices or free admission to events organized by Paralelní Polis are a given. These include big international conferences like Pizza Day Prague, ETHPrague, or Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis, as well as meetups and seminars on various topics.

If you're interested in developing the community, don't be afraid to say so! You can organize your own meetup, training, or even a ping-pong tournament! There are no limits to creativity and we are here to help you bring your ideas to life for other community members.

Once every two weeks we have a get-together where we can all relax, chat and have a great meal. Sometimes it's a barbecue on our beautiful terrace or a brunch to blow off some steam and concentrate better on work.

The Paper Hub is connected to Bitcoin Coffee, which is always available to you. You'll find a selection of specialty coffees, pastries, and a few days a week the best meals. As a member, you also get a discount on all consumption. We also serve our members fresh fruits on regular basis.

Take advantage of discounted personal consultations with our experts on topics ranging from accounting and tax to legal services and business coaching.