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Duct Tape Production

Duct Tape Production is a professional event-organizing company specializing in community events and web3 conferences. Their team is made up of highly motivated professionals with a track record of organizing hundreds of successful events.

One of their flagship events is ETHPrague, a leading conference, and hackathon in the web3 space. They are also the proud organizers of and Prague DeFi Summit.

Duct Tape Production House is committed to creating memorable and engaging events that bring people together and foster meaningful connections. They are passionate about the power of community and believe in the potential of web3 technologies to drive positive change in the world.

Duct Tape Production was established in 2022 by members of Paralelní Polis with the aim of organizing events to raise funds for the operation of this nonprofit organization.

If you are in need of event-organizing services, consider Duct Tape. They look forward to working with you to create a special and successful occasion.