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The Paralelní Polis project combines art, social sciences, and modern technology. It is based on the ideas of freedom, independence, and the innovative development of society. One of the main concepts is the consistent effort to remain “state-free”. Paralelní Polis operates completely without state participation. At the same time, it does not draw any funds from public finances, i.e. from money raised by the state monopoly through involuntarily forced payments – taxes.

Paralelní Polis is a non-profit organization with the legal form of a “society”. The structure of Polis is based on a membership base. Members of the organization contribute to the running of the project financially or through their own activities. Each member shows interest in the main ideas of Paralelní Polis and tries to spread them. These are new technologies, decentralization, and cryptoanarchy. We see cryptoanarchy as a potentially reasonable variant of social order. Through our activities, we try to contribute to the critical discussion of the related problems of our time.

A part of the budget of Paralelní Polis consists of income from donations. The donors’ council of the association has a significant socio-economic overlap for Polis. It is made up of members whose monthly membership dues help cover the most important costs of running the house, especially rent. If you would like to become a donor, please contact any member of Paralelní Polis. The conditions for becoming a donor are a criminal record and a commitment to pay a monthly membership fee of a uniform amount of 15,000 CZK. In addition, we expect donors to make a personal contribution to the project, built on joint meetings, and to be willing to help us achieve our goals.

Other income comes from the operation of the sub-projects and activities of Paralelní Polis. We also occasionally rent out space in the building when it is not in use.

Would you also like to contribute some of that bitcoin? You can here.