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Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2020

02. 10. 2020 @ 13:00 - 04. 10. 2020 @ 20:00

Hackers Congress 2020: Digital Totality.

Freedom, cryptoanarchy, digital privacy, political art, decentralization, sharing economy, hacking.

3 stages. 3 days.

40+ speakers. 15+ workshops.
24/7 live TV channel
hosted by 30+ podcasters.


New in 2020: Join HCPP in physical or online realms!


Border control doesn’t stop us! We will meet you in cyberspace.

Get your HCPP20 Online Ticket today and register to our event ahead of time (invite link follows the purchase).


The event is hosted by the iconic Paralelni Polis venue, just like all the previous years.

Get your HCPP20 Regular Ticket to access both the physical and online venue.


Arm yourself with practical skills!

From basics to advanced, each of the 15+ lectures and workshops
is designed to gradually add layers of defense
to your private and digital life.




0. Badge Clinic: Getting Started With HCPP Badges
1. Secure Your Computer
2. My Top 30 Sovereignty Apps
3. Browse Privately Using Firefox
4. Decentralize Yourself and Avoid Digital Totalitarian Control
5. Set Up Your Own Censorship Resistant Chatroom
6. Build Your Own Bleskomat Lightning ATM
7. How To Earn And Live Bitcoin
8. How To Use Bitcoin Wallets
9. How To Use Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange
10. Using Hardware Wallets For Bitcoin
11. Build Your Own Hardware Wallet
12. Set Up Multisig Wallet for Bitcoin (2-of-3)
13. Applied Bitcoin Privacy
14. Using Lightning Network
15. Running Lightning Network Privately
16. Set Up Your Business To Accept Bitcoin And Lightning Payments



The Badge Clinic: Getting started with HCPP badges

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz (remote) and Mario Havel


Duration: 45min

HCPP supports your creative hacker instincts by offering the Badge Clinic. Join us live to discover and push the limits of your hardware hacking ability. The HCPP20 Electronic Badge’s test points TP(num) and solderfield SF(num) labeled HACK! exist for an important reason: To foster our unique hardware hacking skills. HCPP badges from previous years will be showcased as well. Bring any of your HCPP devices to learn and explore.

Come to the Badge Clinic to explore the features of your electronic badge(s) in depth, as well as conduct experiments and modifications. Become a creative hardware hacker as a electronics instructor guides you to satisfy curiosity and creatively explore technical customisations.

Recommended hardware: Your own HCPP badge (can be HCPP18, HCPP19, HCPP20 badge), NFC enabled phone

Prerequisite skills: none



Secure Your Computer

Mario Havel

Basics of digital self defense, tools and practices for digital sovereignty. We will cover topics like encryption, secure communication, secure and private internet browsing, anonymization, using containers and privacy focused operating systems. This workshop will improve your desktop and mobile security using open source technologies and best practices.

Recommended hardware: Your own computer

Prerequisite skills: none



My Top 30 Sovereignty Apps

Pavol Luptak

Apps that can make your life more independent, private and secure. In this demo session, we will fly over the best two factor authenticators, privacy browsers, decentralized and encrypted messengers, password managers, opensource privacy-aware Facebook and Twitter front-ends, alternative opensource repository, anonymous number service provider for crypto, anonymization networks, anonymous crypto mixers, privacy aware crypto wallets, secure video calls, SSH and VPN services, privacy enhancers, offline OpenStreetMaps, secure firewall, secure YouTube frontend, opensource Google services alternatives, secure email client with PGP and S/MIME support.

Recommended hardware: Your phone or computer

Prerequisite skills: none



Browse Privately Using Firefox

Juraj Bednar

The Internet – and especially the web – is a place where people are used to the fact that almost everything is free. Thanks to this, internet services monetize something else – our attention. In order to do it effectively, they are constantly watching us to know what content to show us – whether it should be an advertisement for a hair shampoo or a luxury car. Using the Internet without being tracked is not easy, but it starts by tuning your browser.

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through installing and configuring Firefox extensions for better security and privacy. 

Recommended hardware: Your computer

Prerequisite skills: none



Decentralize Yourself and Avoid Digital Totalitarian Control

Travin Keith

It’s a common misconception that all the governments around the world are in full coordination. Though there are certainly varying levels of coordination among some countries and a general trend towards the growth of that, there’s still an opportunity to make it more difficult for the invasion of privacy and the forced control over you and your data, such as by having multiple residencies, “obfuscation in plain sight”, decentralizing income potential, and moving, if necessary. This presentation will go over why this is important by pointing out why this is important by using examples from documented events around the world as well as personal experiences from having lived in 8 countries around the world with a relatively weak passport (as highlighted in HCPP19) and those that have been shared with me. Additionally, some recommendations on how to accomplish this in an optimal manner while still avoiding problems in the long run will be provided in order for audiences to be better-equipped to avoid digital totality in the long run.

Recommended hardware: Pen & paper

Prerequisite skills: none



Set Up Your Own Censorship Resistant Chatroom

Andrea Maria Piana

Status is a decentralized and p2p private messenger, crypto wallet and web3 browser. In this workshop we will go through the basics of using the Status app, how to join a public chat, send messages to your contacts and create a private group chat. We will also guide you step by step through the process of installing and setting up a status node, in order to build your own private decentralized chatroom.

Recommended hardware: A laptop able to build or with docker installed, and Android/IOS phone if you want to try the app out.

Prerequisite skills: Being able to install software to build a go project and/or basic docker knowledge.




Build Your Own Bleskomat Lightning ATM

Charlie Hill (chill), Carlos Garcia Ortiz, Tomas Stary

Come learn how to build your very own Bleskomat Lightning Network ATM with the help of the hackers who created it. There will be a high-level overview of the project, an explanation on how it works, and (most importantly) each participant will get to build their own machine.

All the hardware components and tools needed will be provided. If you would like to take your newly built Bleskomat home with you, we ask only that you pay for the cost of parts. The Bleskomat open-source project can be found here:

Recommended hardware: a laptop on which you can install the platform CLI tool –

Prerequisite skills: Some previous experience with Arduino, RaspberryPi, or similar is recommended



How To Earn and Live Bitcoin

Max Hillebrand

Bitcoin is unfuckwithable magical cyberspace money, obviously every individual wants to get as much of it as possible. We will elaborate how to prioritize with scarce time and allocate capital to the most profitable venture. Discovering new client demands and creating strategies on how to effectively satisfy them. Discussing approaches to curate a client base who is paying for goods and services in bitcoin, and how to arrange a supply chain with cashflow denominated in bitcoin. Entrepreneurs who understand the foundations of a sound monetary economy, excel in managing deep production stages and creating tremendous amount of value, prosperity and profit.

Recommended hardware: Computer (free software operating system recommended), Tor Browser (

Prerequisite skills: none



How To Use Bitcoin Wallets

Mario Havel

Introduction to Bitcoin key management, basic and advanced Bitcoin desktop, mobile wallets and best practices of using them. Tips for newbies and also power users which will help you use Bitcoin in the most secure and private way possible.  

Recommended hardware: Your phone and or computer

Prerequisite skills: none



How To Use Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

Chris Beams

No matter how enthusiastic you are about Bitcoin, the fact is that we still live in a world dominated by fiat currencies. Whether you’re looking to buy bitcoin or need to sell a little to pay your monthly expenses, sometimes working with fiat is a must. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Bisq, a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange to move between the bitcoin and fiat worlds with maximum security, privacy, and freedom.

In our session, we will go through setting up your Bisq instance to selling and buying bitcoin on Bisq. Please check out the available list of money transfer options ahead of time.


Recommended hardware: Your phone and a bitcoin wallet with a few satoshis

Prerequisite skills: Using a Bitcoin wallet




Using Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin

Alena Vranova

Learn about the most common threats for a Bitcoiner and what does a hardware wallet protect from. why it’s important to use a hardware wallet, their usual features and best practices. We will go through a setup and basic actions (send, receive, restore) of a chosen hardware wallet or two.

Alena will have a few hardware wallets for onsite participants available.

Recommended hardware: Your own computer (Win, Linux, Mac), one unused HW wallet (Trezor, Coldcard or Cobo Vault), pen & paper, USB cable, optionally: mobile wallet with a few satoshis

Prerequisite skills: Basics of Bitcoin



Build Your Own Hardware Wallet

Moritz Wietersheim

Understand why it is good to create your own hardware wallet and build it! We will use freely available components to assemble a Specter DIY HW wallet in about 5 minutes. 

For on-site participants, all the hardware components and tools needed will be provided. If you would like to take your newly built hardware wallet home, you can purchase it for the components price from Moritz.

Online participants, please check the list of hardware components in Recommended hardware.

Recommended hardware: Items from this shopping list and a laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux)

Prerequisite skills: Using a hardware wallet



Set Up Multisig Wallet for Bitcoin (2-of-3)

Moritz Wietersheim

We’ll explain why multisig is important (vs single sig), introduce the top use-cases and set up a 2-of-3 multisig wallet using Specter Desktop, and two different hardware wallets.

Recommended hardware: Two hardware wallets (Cobo Vault, Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard), computer and cables for the wallets

Prerequisite skills: Basics of Bitcoin and using bitcoin wallets



Applied Bitcoin Privacy

Max Hillebrand

In the Bitcoin network, individuals selectively reveal themselves under pseudonymous identities. The art of privacy is to understand and properly use the tools to manage precious bitcoin. We will explore weapons of defense for network level anonymity, private consensus synchronization, conscious coin selection, and transaction graph obfuscation. We will create transactions that strategically break surveillance heuristics, and elaborate privacy strategies for earning, hodling and spending bitcoin.

Recommended hardware: Your computer [free software OS] with Tor, Wasabi Wallet, Joinmarket, Testnet bitcoin, optionally Bitcoin full node

Prerequisite skills: Basics of Bitcoin



Using Lightning Network


Not your Node, Not your Rules. Understand how you can benefit from using Lightning Network (LN), basic concepts and where the development of the network is headed. Learn to use mobile and desktop wallets for LN. And finally, set up your own LN node using RaspiBlitz. 

Recommended hardware: Your own computer, mobile phone or both, and a ready-2-go RaspiBlitz or all-you-need hardware set from

Prerequisite skills: Basics of Bitcoin



Running Lightning Network Privately

Openoms & /rootzoll

Running Lightning Network Privately Learn how to operate your Lightning Network node privately and offer your services from your node with IP2TOR.

Recommended hardware: none to participate, but a Lightning node (on a Raspberry Pi or other hardware) is needed to apply the methods discussed in practice.

Prerequisite skills: Basics of Bitcoin and LN, has used an LN wallet previously.



Set Up Your Business To Accept Bitcoin And Lightning Payments


Start accepting bitcoin and lightning payments in a trustless way and just a few simple steps.

In this workshop, you will learn how to setup bitcoin payments for your physical and/or online business using a hosted BTCPayServer instance, such as the ones provided by Nodl Cloud. Each participant will receive a free trial for the service to use and experiment with.

Recommended hardware: Your own computer with internet connectivity, bitcoin wallet capable of exporting xpub, having a physical or online business (or the will to create one!)

Prerequisite skills: Using a bitcoin wallet, basics of Bitcoin and Lightning Network




02. 10. 2020 @ 13:00
04. 10. 2020 @ 20:00
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Paralelni Polis
Delnicka 43
Prague, Holesovice 17000 Czech Republic
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