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Do you celebrate “crypto only PornHub”?

PornHub became a “crypto only” server – In other circumstances, it might have been good news, but what’s really behind it?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that PornHub did not become a “crypto only” server because it believes so much in independence from fiat currencies, but because it had nothing else left. Undoubtedly, after resolving the problems that led to this, they will return to payments in U.S. dollars (and other currencies).

Visa and MasterCard suspended their services to PornHub after a series of allegations that videos of real rape were appearing on the server and that virtually impossible for the victims to remove them (

Sex and financial transactions should be voluntary while maintaining their privacy. Violence, coercion and involuntary sharing are therefore absolutely incompatible with the concept of voluntariness.

Cryptocurrencies ensure the privacy of transactions to us (in case of following “secure” procedures), and the enforcement of payments (extortion, taxes, etc.) or their forced reporting (AML / KYC) is considered unacceptable in the “cryptocommunity”.

It should be the same with sex (porn). PornHub may not simply be accused of promoting or creating involuntary content, but the question arises as to how to deal with the likely inadequate control mechanisms that allow users to distribute such content through its server. In addition, videos uploaded by users serve as advertisements for their paid services.

PornHub is not a non-profit organization that provides the ability to share erotic videos. Providing a platform for content that has been acquired without the knowledge and / or consent of the actors  is generally considered immoral, making money on it is beyond the edge for the vast majority of people. Here I don’t understand the meaning of the whole phrase…

Verification of voluntariness, on the other hand, is difficult and can be abused (false accusations).