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News from Paralelní Polis

You may have noticed that occasionally a door is missing somewhere. This is due to the gradual renovation of the house, we have already painted, we hung a rocket over the bar, where we will add lights, and there might or might not be a silent box or 5 being made 🙂 We are looking forward to the results!



We have started organizing meetups again, which will be held once every 14 days. Three meetups are planned for June. The first one will be held on 01.06.2022 on Let’s talk crypto, the second one on 15.06.2022 on Security and Privacy and the third one will be on 29.06.2022 again on Let’s talk crypto. The event is free for all those interested in the topics discussed. The individual events can be found on our Facebook page.

DWeb MeetUp | Decentralised Storage, Swarm and Web 3.0

Finally, a DWeb meetup happening! Join us on Tuesday, June 7th at 6 pm in Institute.

Over the past few years, a lot of the data on the internet has moved from self-hosted servers into cloud storage. Chances are, most of the services you use daily, store your data in data centers owned by Amazon, Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts surely heard the phrase “not your keys, not your coins”. We’d like to extend to “not your storage, not your data”. The Web 3.0 movement is trying to change this. By storing our data in decentralized storage we can reduce the risk of losing access to them (e.g. through de-platforming or censorship) and it allows new economic models around data ownership. In this talk, we will explain what is decentralised storage, explain how the Swarm networks work, and what is Web 3.0.


The biggest ETH hackathon in town will take place June 10-12 in Paralelní Polis and La Fabrika.

To whom it may concern (yes, thats you), this means that we will be closed on Wednesday 08.06.2022 and 10.06.2022 due to the renovation of the space (the whole building will be closed). There will be opportunities to go work to 24/7, but there are only 5 free tables, so if you are interested email Karolína asap.

There is still a possibility to attend this event on Saturday, but you need to let Karolína know no later than 8.6.2022.

The next event for Paper Hub members is a barbecue, which will take place on 14.06.2022 at 5 pm. You can look forward to delicious food prepared by Kate (on Instagram as @biohacker.chef). The BBQ will take place on our beautiful terrace.

Bitcoin Coffee x Kitchen Sci-fi

All under one black roof… as many of you have already noticed, we regularly prepare meals and delicacies for you at the café under the direction of Kate Hlavac. You don’t have to drag yourself out of Polis anymore! Great flavor combinations for both carnivores and vegans.
Whether you’re taking a break or have a few minutes between two calls, you’ll have your pick. Soup, spreads, salads, snacks, but main dishes for the hungriest of hungers. Come and see for yourself the gastro porn that awaits you in the café!
Join our Signal group for the daily menu and all the latest news. We’ll print out the menu and put it on the bulletin board in the Hub kitchen.
SIGNATURE DRINKS BY KATE only available at Polis. We also make a virgin version. They’re actually really healthy! Don’t you believe it? Under the names Dark Web or Satoshi Liquid Vision, you’ll find antioxidants in blueberries, coconut charcoal, ginger, and even pineapple. As the temperature outside rises, we’ll be adding more drinks to freshen you up.


As you know, Paralelní Polis cooperates closely, for example, with the law firm Blockchain Legal or Hanka Kocourková Trnková’s Daně, but her capacity is currently limited. Therefore, we have currently established a partnership with the auditing and accounting firm JS7 Accounting & Advisory, whose services are available to you on discounted terms. In addition to standard services, they also specialize in cryptocurrency matters. If you are interested in their services, please contact Katka.


We have finally restocked the merch! We’ve added a beautiful grey Institute of Cryptoanarchy t-shirt. You should check out our sweet new socks with pizzas and bitcoins or the Pizza day conference t-shirts. Another interesting item, not for sale anymore, but at least to check some interesting articles, is the BTCTKVR Pizza Day Prague 2022 Limited Edition magazine. The summer bombers, with subtle Institute of Cryptoanarchy lettering across the entire back, will arrive within the next week. They’re perfect for light summer showers and put on a swagger on cooler evenings at seaside resorts 🙂