Parallel Facemask with Nanofiber Filter


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It doesn’t really matter if we’re at the start of the second wave of COVID or still continuing the first. It doesn’t matter what the government tells us (not just regarding haphazard COVID regulations, but we will try and stay focused with this post…)
What does matter, however, is that showing solidarity with one another is crucial right now – otherwise things won’t get better.
Paralelní Polis reacted fast to the pandemic in the spring and we are reacting this time as well. We were one of the first to popularise and explain to you how to easily sew a face mask so you can make your own at home and not rely on limited supplies out there and stay safe. This time around we decided to do one better and prepare a face mask for you. At our congress, which took place last week, we handed out 250 face masks to visitors, and they loved them. They (the face masks, not the visitors) are a unique design, easy size adjustment, easily satisfy those among us with massive beards, but above all the face mask also includes a nanofiber filter, which itself captures 96.9% of bacteria and viruses. It’s not only super effective but goddamn stylish as well. With our 3D printed logo on it, of course.
The package contains:
1 hygienic seal container bag (so that the face masks don’t just roll on the table/floor/underneath your bed – we’re not animals…)
3 face masks with a nanofiber filter that retains 96.9% of bacteria and viruses (in and out)
3 pcs of clamps to adjust the size, as is convenient for you
1 step by step guide for complete n00b$

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