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Ztohoven art group founded the Cryptoanarchy institute

The term cryptoanarchy indicates the growing environment of the unregulated Internet, where unlimited data sharing and the development of the free market became possible by using anonymous tools such as decentralised currencies like bitcoin, and antispyware encrypting tools.

From the intervention of a live broadcast of Czech Television to the virtual interaction with politician’s mobile phones, we as members of the Ztohoven group are associated with hacking. The inspiration of technological innovation and it`s potential impact on society led us to a tight interaction with the hacker’s scene. As we understand the connection between the arts, science and technology as a tool to highlight the authoritarian tendencies which entered into our daily lives  with the development of modern technologies, we decided to join the international hackers network and to establish a hacker space called Institute Cryptoanarchy.

The aim of the Institute Cryptoanarchy is to make available tools for unlimited dissemination of information on the Internet and encouraging a parallel decentralised economy, crypto currencies and other conditions for the development of a free society in the 21st century.

The main motive for us is the belief that censorship is not a phenomenon only in “the distant dictatorial world”.

States and their security agencies globally control access to information and use the protection of intellectual property as an excuse to apply total censorship to control the available resources.

The State on a global level  processes private mail and personal data, even though the European Court of Justice decided on the illegitimacy of ‘data retention’

The State and corporations have data on economic behaviour, and through  legislation they have received  complete access to all payment transactions and consumer habits.

New technology brings the possibility of choice – we are in a time that is defined by the manifesto of cryptoanarchy.
With a fast internet connection, reliable anonymity and decentralised currency, you preserve freedom which we have been loosing as a society.