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What not to miss at #hcpp19 Hackers Congress


The most crucial thing of freedom-minded people behind any liberation movement is to realize they are a minority. They always were and always will be. There were never masses striving for freedom that liberalized our society. A vision of a better, more comfortable life was a reason why people replaced economically unfree systems with freer ones which better achieve this goal. Unlike few Czechoslovakian dissidents, millions of people in socialist Czechoslovakia did not demand more freedom. They were looking for a better, more comfortable life they knew from West Germany fairy tales. It was a reason they decided to replace the old socialistic regime with more free, capitalist-based democracy. 

Now, the situation is different. The exponentially developed technologies can make a very comfortable life to masses even in an unfree, dictatorship country. They lead to a loss of human drive to strive for a free society. We can see this phenomenon in China. It is high time to realize a democratic system based on the majority of votes cannot provide us more freedom or lead to a more free society.

But we have a global Internet society connecting millions of different people in various countries with the same taste. The taste for freedom that makes our new parallel communities possible.  

We know how to use crypto technology and legislation hacks to keep our community secure and immune against state interventions. Achieve new freedom using globality and flexibility.

Opt-out of the system!

We are proud to welcome one of the most innovative thinkers of the 21st century – Robin Hanson, the author of futarchy, the concept of a future society based on prediction markets. Thanks to truly anonymous cryptocurrencies, for the first time in our history, we have technical tools to create an anonymous economic incentive using prediction markets. No one knows real implications on how this will transform and affect our future society. Robin is one of the few people who has already tried. In his book The Age of Em, he described an unimaginable future where easy and cheap cloning of human brains will be possible. In his recent book The Elephant in the Brain, Robin analyzed social incentives and intentions people are often not aware.  At the HCPP19 he will present his radical vision of Crime Law Proposal based on vouches. 

Luis Cuende, the co-founder of Aragon, the perspective DAO implementation will present a future of decentralized organizations and legal systems based on smart contracts. 

Nick Middleton, the expert in micronations and small territories, will talk about his unique Atlas of Countries that do not exist.

We will hear voices from many unfree countries – Reinaldo Escobar Casas (Cubanian dissident), Park Jung Oh (North Korean defector activist), Yisi Liu (Chinese crypto anarchist) and Travin Keith (The Philippines),

Ken Schoolland, the author of the world-famous book “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible,” will talk about the oldest and most feared opt-out Strategy: Migration. 

Our regular and loved speakers  Smuggler will familiarize you with the Forgotten Art of Anonymous Digital Cash and Paul Rosenberg with the concept of Opting-Out.

We managed to put together people from multiple relevant European crypto liberation communities (Barcelona’s Polis Paralela, Prague/Bratislava/Košice Parallel Polis, Berlin’s Room 77 and Anarplex / Berlin Container, Blockchainhotel and Vienna’s RIAT) to a unique panel discussion. Plus another two new panel discussions related to biohacking and virtual reality.

Expect 40+ speakers and hundreds of crypto-anarchists, artists, perpetual travelers, and freedom lovers.


Thank you for being part of the opt-out liberation process.

4-6.10.2019  Opt-out HCPP19, Dělnická 43, Prague, The Czech Republic