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During the spring, we refocused on education and organization of regular and irregular meet-ups, which in the second half of the year alone took place 25 times in total, with the participation of almost 500 attendees. We no longer publish our events primarily on FB because you can now find everything in a well-organized form here on our website.

Our Paper Hub co-working community has grown to almost 50 paperhubsters! They regularly gather not only for work but also for lunches, BBQs, and brunches together. We also got them four snazzy silent boxes!

To spread the word out of our social media bubble, we joined forces with a handy PR manager towards the end of the year, and from February onwards, you’ll be able to sign up for our regular newsletter!

The “Duct Tape Production” company, with whom the Institute of Cryptoanarchy has organized major international conferences such as Pizza Day Prague, ETHPrague, or the traditional HCPP, was established under the roof of Paralelní Polis at the beginning of last year. This year you will be able to look forward to the second edition of the events and the TENTH edition of Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis! We will also host MoneroKon 2023 to make the dinocoins celebrations complete 🙂

THANK YOU all for your support, and we look forward to seeing you again over a cup of sour hipster coffee at Bitcoin Coffee, which also underwent a slight facelift 🙂