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Black Swan Security Congress

The first hackers congress dedicated to exceptional risks which hardly anybody pays attention to.


Date: May 18th from 4 pm till May 19th 11:59 pm

Location:  Paralelní Polis, Dělnická 43, Praha 7


Tickets here.


We have invited ethical hackers and IT security experts for two evenings and one day full of lectures, discussions to deeply dive into technical view of information security problems standing out of mainstream focus but represent fatal and real risk.

GDPR, NIS, cyber security code and many other norms and laws try to centrally manage IT risks. But only those that are known, sizable and those that are in accordance with large IT corporations business strategies. These factors draw all attention only to solution of risks that are known and already defined and have measurable impact and likelihood. This attitude generates dramatical increase of so called “fat tail risk” or improbable risks (in terms of measurable likelihood) with so huge impact, that common organizations rather blech.

Black swans in IT security is the topic of Black Swan Security Congress taking place in Paralelní Polis, Prague, May 18-19th 2018.


You can expect topics like weaknesses of IPS/IDS monitoring systems, demonstrations of fatal attacks with high impact, fragile and antifraigile conception of security in organizations, how to protect yourself from your own system administrator, why the decentralized crypto-technologies are more advanced and secure then their most modern centralized counterparts and how to use blockchain technology to increase security of data-share solutions. We attempt to look at IT security risks from perspective set by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – one of the main influencers of this event.


  • Liora – ethical hacker and cryptoanarchist from Bosnia and Herzegovina (EN talk)
  • Frank Braun – Cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, privacy extremist, and dark net aficionado (EN talk)
  • Juraj Bednár – ethical hacker, entrepreneur (Citadelo, HackTrophy, Paralelná Polis, SK talk)
  • Pavol Lupták – ethical hacker, entrepreneur (Nethemba, HackTrophy, Paralelná Polis, SK talk)
  • Pavol Rusnák – all-around hacker, open-source enthusiast and core-developer of Trezor (SatoshiLabs, CZ talk)
  • Dušan Mondek – IT Security expert, entrepreneur (BoxTrap, CZ talk)
  • Roman Jazudek – new technologies and marketing specialist (HackTrophy, SK talk)
  • Martin Baroš – CEO Cryptelo (secure file share, CZ talk)
  • Tomáš Marada – Cryptopostle, Executive Secretary at Karel Janeček



6 – 8 pm Wide view of fat tails and risks – lecture and panel debate (CZ language)

8 pm – Privacy Extremist Party – more info here.


10 am – 8 pm lectures and workshops

8 pm Closing party (Black Hat DJ’s, drinks and crypto)



Partners of event:

  • Citadelo – IT security company
  • Nethemba – IT security company
  • Satoshi Labs – Trezor creators
  • Cryptelo – Secure Fileshare
  • Paseka – Publishing house publishing czech versions of Nicolas Nassim Taleb’s books
  • ICT Network News – news from ICT technologies