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RB Vending Machine

Are you considering a Bitcoin business with the least risk and don’t know how to get started? Or do you want to allow your employees to buy snacks with bitcoins so they can learn to think differently about money? Do you want to participate in the spread of infrastructure or just want to learn a new experience? 


A few years ago, with the support of RedBull and General Bytes, we launched a vending machine project with a Bitcoin payment terminal. The news about this project was also spread in international media, but we as an educational and social space were not able to fully exploit this vending machine, so now we offer it to you. It is not an ordinary spiral machine, but the most powerful model with an automatic feeder.


We want to hand over the machine to a genuine buyer, so we are not only interested in the highest amount offered, but above all in the purpose and intention you will have with this vending machine. Together with General Bytes, we will choose to whom we will hand over the machine.


Email us at : 

  1. the price for which you would like to buy the machine.
  2. the purpose for which you would like to operate the machine.
  3. a motivational text if your price offer will be unreasonably low.