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December in Paralelní Polis

Have a wonderful December! We have a great Christmas party and time off! Paralelní Polis will be closed from December 19, 2022, to January 1, 2023. As we move into the new year, we would like to ask you to fill out a survey about Paralelní Polis, which you can find at the end of the newsletter <3 Thank you, it will help us a lot!



There is a new bulletin board in the Paper Hub kitchen where there is space for self-presentation. The idea is to be able to post what you would like to expand your network of contacts in, or if you are looking for new members to join your work team, or conversely if you are looking for new opportunities, and so on. We’d love to have you fill out the INFORMATION FORM so we can create a membership card! 😊


Updated PH membership price list

The new price list has been in effect for newcomers since September, and we are unfortunately forced to increase membership prices from the beginning of next year. If you would like to change your tariff or terminate your membership, please let us know in advance. However, we would be very happy for you to stay and I trust you will understand this change.

Start – 12 hours – 900 CZK
Basic – 30 hours – 2100 CZK
Advanced – 60 hours – 2900 CZK
Unlimited – 4100 CZK
24/7 – unlimited 24/7 access – 5700 CZK

Thank you for supporting Paper Hub!



BreadSpread Thursday

You can look forward to another Spread Thursday this month too! It will take place on 8.12.!


Self-defense class

We have a unique opportunity for hub members to take part in self-defense courses for beginners! They will be held at Parallel Polis and the capacity is limited to 8 people. Therefore, you need to sign up via email or in person at the front desk.

The first class will be held on December 8 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and the second class on December 15 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.


Paperhuhbster get-jolly-together

On Friday, December 16, before we put the Hub to sleep for 14 days, we close our computers before 5pm. There will be a Paperhubster Christmas get-together from 5pm followed by a public Christmas party from 7pm.




In December we have two special meetups with our one and only Mário Havel!


13/12 6 -8 PM

Whisperers from shadows tell of the powerful spirit of Dankshard, who will open the next chapter of Ethereum scalability. To summon its powers, a Ceremony needs your contribution. Magic math awaits – are you ready to add your color to the story? This meetup will prepare you for overcoming the summoning ritual. Come to learn about upcoming upgrades in Ethereum protocol, how Proto-Danksharding can make Ethereum more scalable, and everyone from the community, even your cat, can help to secure it.

If interested, sign up!



Lightning Network odpútal Bitcoin z reťaze a otvoril nám nové možnosti. Zatiaľ sme videli lightning ako novú kapitolu škálovatelnosti Bitcoinu, no postupne odhaluje svoj ďalší potenciál. Prichádzajú možnosti tokenizácie vrámci samotnej Lightning Network – stablecoiny, arbitrárne tokeny a decentralizované burzy na natívnej druhej vrstve Bitcoinu. To všetko existuje už dnes a v blízkej budúcnosti sa môže stať naším každodenným nástrojom.

Meetup vás prevedie rôznymi projektami, ktoré tieto technológie implementujú, ich fungovaním a výzvami. Po prednáške bude priestor na diskusiu a tradičnú párty v Bordeli.

V případě zájmu se registrujte zde: sign up!

Parallel Xmas Party 2022

16/12 19 PM

All of you are cordially invited to our Christmas party where you can come with your friends or dear ones. Members with UNLIMITED membership get free +1! Please register with the code “PHxPP” so we know how many of you will be coming. 

19:00 ► Doors open
20:00 ► DJ Snöflinga & VJ Pain d’épices


We’ve put together A QUESTIONNAIRE with a set of ten questions. You can comment here on current hub changes, events, and anything else you want! Every answer will help us to improve.

Thank you in advance for every answer!

That’s all folks 🙂