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Paper Hub

Technology and safe internet connection

Paper Hub provides you with 40 Mbps reliable internet connection and fast multifunctional printer capable of printing in up to A3 size. Silk screen and 3D printers are also at your disposal.

Rental-accessible 7 days a week

Everyone’s working habits are different. That is why we offer various rent options ranging from five hours a month to unlimited access or even your own personal desk. Whether you want to arrange a small meeting of five people, presentation for 20 clients or a lecture for 120 attendants, we will find the right place for you.

Your growth is not just about your desk

Paper Hub forms a part of Paralelni Polis, a venue providing regular program of both educational and leisure events, a culinary facility provided by Bitcoin Coffee and the technical underworld of 3D printing workshop MakersLab.

Paper Hub Membership

Each and every Paper Hub member has the possibility to use, according to the extent of his or hers subscription (300 – 3000 CZK a month) any free spot in the shared working space, the office facilities (printer, scanner, copying machine, Wi-Fi, presentation technology etc.), a kitchen, a terrace and a possibility of hiring a meeting room at discounted charge. It is also possible to hire your own desk. The membership fees are paid in Bitcoin. We will be happy to instruct you how to use it and help you with the exchange.