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We are getting ready to begin our journey and boost crypto-adoption, promote cybersecurity, and search for sustainable development. Our black multifunctional truck is mainly an educational project; we apply Learning through Experience approach. Decentruck’s mobile café serves specialty coffee with snacks solely made from the ingredients from sustainable agriculture and ethical farming with the exceptional quality you cannot find at regular meetups, workshops, and festivals.

Would you like to have Decentruck at your conference, festival, company, or even a farm?

Choose one of our workshops!

  1. Cryptocurrencies: Basic
    – Introduction to the world of blockchain and cryptocuriencies.
  2. Digital privacy
    – How to protect your communication, your data and your “move” around the internety
  3. How to setup crypto-company
    – How to have a company accepting cryptocurriencies (accountancy, law, taxes, etc.)
  4. Law of blockchain
    How the czech law sees the blockchain and cryptocurrencies

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