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HCPP22 Badge


The BTCTKVR Magazine was first printed in July 2021 and it features some of the finest articles on this website. In the true spirit of open source, you will find all the pieces that you can also read in print. The advantage is that you have all the references linked, so you can better explore the source of information.

Paralelní Polis proudly cooperated with Vlad Costea on creating a limited edition of 100 prints for the 9th annual Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis in October 2022.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke, check it out first!

Powered by two contactless NFC NDEF tag (type 4) EPROMS (2Ko storage) the HCPP Badge supports a variety of radio-connected data access. Modify its appearance, program it yourself, impersonate your other NDEF devices, or use it for a plain card and tag backups. HCPP22 edition is a ready-to-use Lightning network wallet.

The electronic badge needs no batteries or cables and features an innovative design to defend against opportunistic data theft. A colorful translucent frame protects the artistically decorated device.

Find information here or here.